SMSF Compliance

Our SMSF compliance service allows you to enjoy the benefits of a flexible, customised Self-Managed Superannuation Fund, safe in the knowledge Hudson Financial will meet all the regulatory and Australian Taxation Office requirements in an efficient, timely manner. The fixed fee also includes your annual audit, Trust Deed update and Actuarial Certificate if required – eliminating the need for you to write multiple cheques to various service providers.

We appreciate the fact every client is unique, which is why our SMSF service can be tailored, and, unlike many other SMSF service providers, we're more than happy to accommodate segregated funds, reflecting our commitment to doing whatever is best – and most tax-effective – for our clients.

Our comprehensive SMSF Compliance Service includes the following features and benefits:

  • Reconciled quarterly SMSF reports – so you can access up-to-date information including listed and unlisted shares and unit holdings, direct property, collectibles, warrants, derivatives, bank accounts and term deposits
  • Qualified accountant to prepare the fund's financial and annual accounts
  • Preparation and lodgement of the fund's annual income tax return
  • Specialist software facilitates 24/7 online access (via secure login) to portfolio reports and financial data
  • Automated transaction feeds from banks, brokers and portfolio/wrap services to streamline data processing and reduce your paperwork load
  • Monitoring of pension payments to ensure you meet the minimum/maximum drawdown amounts and maintain the SMSF's tax-free status
  • Monitoring of contributions to ensure you don't over contribute or pay any excess tax
  • Optimised capital gains processing and tax reporting to accurately minimise tax
  • Trust Deed update
  • Provision of Actuarial Certificate
  • Annual audit of the fund (independently conducted by Guardian Audit Services – a CPA member)
  • Everything prepared by accountants and reviewed by a qualified CPA – ensuring the highest standards and accuracy

To further explore your options and to obtain a quote explaining how you can simplify the handling of your Self-Managed Superannuation Fund, contact HudsonFinancial on (02) 9411 5322 or email for more information.

NB: Annual Compliance Costs listed in the table below are not included in Hudson Financial's fixed SMSF compliance or administration fees.

Annual Compliance Costs

Audit $495.00
ATO Levy $388.00
ASIC - Corp Trustee $45.00
Trust Deed update $138.00
Actuarial Certificate $176.00
TOTAL $1242.00

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