Wealth Protection

If you didn't make it home tonight, would your loved ones be financially secure? Have you planned for the unthinkable? Could you maintain your lifestyle if you became seriously ill? Of course it's not something you want to dwell on, but it is critically important for your family's future, and it doesn't take long.

Our Approach

Protecting your wealth is just as important as growing it. A well structured risk management plan will complement your wealth creation strategy and provide peace of mind, ensuring that no matter what unforeseen situations life may throw your way, you can still achieve your goals and objectives for your lifestyle and long-term future.

While wealth protection is important for everyone, small business owners are particularly vulnerable to financial stress in the event of ill health or death, since the business is often the owner's largest asset besides the family home.

Our Products & Services

There are four basic policies when it comes to protecting your lifestyle and that of your dependants. Term Life Insurance policies cover premature death, but many other policies can cover you for long-term illness or accidents which can also be devastating. Trauma Insurance, Income Protection Insurance and Total and Permanent Disability Insurance are all equally important.

Through our partners, Hudson Financial's Wealth Protection service includes:

  • Specialist advice
  • Insurance tailored to your individual circumstances
  • Liaison between your preferred solicitor and Hudson Financial accountant where required
  • Opportunity to review your policies in line with your requirements
  • Access to 15 of Australia's leading life insurance providers
  • Business Insurance Planning
  • Buy/Sell Agreement Funding
  • Key Man Insurance; and
  • Guarantor Insurance

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